Android Spy App to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Secretly

Have you noticed a considerable change in the behavior of your boyfriend? Is he spending too much time out with “his friends”? Do you think his affection for you is dying? Is it just because of usual social pressure or do you think he is interested somewhere else? Does your boyfriend have any female friend who has a secret or known crush on him?

It is time you found out the truth about your boyfriend’s died affection for you.

Confronting him directly about the matter won’t yield any good. You don’t even have to hire a personal investigator. You have to just act like overly-attached-girlfriend and take the matters in your hands.

Just install this simple android spy app in his smart phone to secretly catch cheating boyfriend and get to know about all of his activities on phone and location.


OMG! He called someone else 12 times yesterday!

So with the help of android spy software, you have found out that your significant other has been talking to someone else all day, yesterday. The software registered 12 calls in his call log, all dialed to suspicion. Oh Boy! This does seem fishy! Why would he talk to some other girl much?

Some of these calls were over an hour long. Something is cooking between her and him. But hey, hold your horses! Don’t jump on conclusions yet and don’t let him know that you have record of him calling her 12 times, yet.

He may come up with an excuse, saying that he had to call her for college seminar thing. You have to have more evidence about his wrongdoings and further insights.


Now what do we have here? Some 100 plus texts in one night?

Now your case is stronger. Your StealthGenie Android software has not only told you that he has been texting her all night, it has also revealed the contents of those texts. He is going to her home 7pm on Thursday, it seems, when her parents will not be home. No seminar or job requires him meeting her in absence of her parents. This is getting interesting.

Now you can catch cheating boyfriend red handedly with her, maybe take some pictures of them together and post them on Facebook as revenge.

Hail the StealthGenie that will help you reveal his real face.

What exactly is StealthGenie?

App to Catch a Cheater on Phone

One of the many android spy apps available in the market, but most praised so far. Once you purchase the license, it takes only minute or two to download and install the hidden app which then sends the record of calls, texts and emails to a specific online account only accessible by you.

It also tracks down the record of apps like Viber and Whatsapp and gives you the contents of texts and all.


There are many pros of StealthGenie. It has a really easy and simple user interface. It is easy to understand and setting up the account where information is to be sent is easy too. The app has an efficient GPS tracker, which exacts the position of the target quite accurately. Apart from that, the app is silent too.

It is very hard to detect the app once it has been installed in the Smartphone.

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Price: $7.99 per month