Android Tracking App – How to Track an Android Phone?

By suffering the constant dilemma of knowing that your spouse is cheating on you; and yet not being able to reciprocate awful facts proving it, you can be overwhelmed with extreme strain. Making suppositions to provoke your partner is never enough to deem them guilty. In order to set things straight, you can directly intrude into their cell phones. Being the most secretive tool for users nowadays, the cell phone can lead you into discovering their deepest darkest secrets.

Using the stealth Android tracking app, you can catch cheating spouse and track location secretly by sending a silent SMS to his/her cell phone without his/her knowledge. Your target phone will not receive any text message and you get your spouse location in real time on your online account having access from your cellphone or computer. Running compatibly with every cell phone using an Android OS, this tracking app becomes invisible as it is installed into the targets cell phone, and begins to demonstrate its features.

Features and How It Works?

Android spy app lets you tap into every call your spouse makes and lets you listen to them live in real time. Any text message, sent or received even deleted one will be recorded and viewable at all times. You get GPS locations, cell ID locations, call logs, Facebook, Whatsapp chats, contacts detail, photos & video logs, emails activities, and remote un-installation features with this tracking app.

This Android tracking app allows you to remotely lock or unlock phone, retrieve current GPS position, and information on the SIM card. Even you can remotely delete the recent call history, text messages, websites browsed history, photos, and contacts on the monitored phone by sending a secret SMS. While the android monitoring app works its magic, your spouse will be using their cell phone as a daily routine naive of what is going on behind their back.

Track GPS Location:

The Android GPS tracker enables you to geographically locate your spouse’s location and figure out if they are where they claim to be. Even if they enter a covered space or a location where conventional GPS locater fail, the cell phone GPS tracker can easily locate your spouse, wherever they go as it uses Wi-Fi signals to track the cell phone. You can link the coordinates up and look at them through Google maps. The Android tracking software instantly uploads the location to your account and you can trace them out no matter where they are.

Giving you a complete range of features, the Android tracking app will help you surface up the facts and figures to armour you whilst confrontation and relieve you of your misery if you’re the root of the misapprehension.

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