HTC one X spy application out now!

Outgrowing typical spy apps, the silent HTC one X spy app can cater to any possible cheating; from tracking down your teen to catching your spouse red handed! Starting from a minute investment of $7.99, you can indulge into the world of Android spy software and infringe your targets most secretive information.

Updated June 2014

This spy app is compatible with all HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Xperia smartphones/Tabs.

With a basic yet veiled installation method, you can easily install this monitoring tool into your targets phone, without them ever finding out. All you need to do is grab a hold of the HTC smartphone and install the spy application onto the phone and it will automatically embed itself whilst eliminating visibility.

It directly uploads all information gathered to your personal online account, which can be viewed by you at any time.

Key Features:

Call Recording: The spy app records every call made on android phone which you can listen by logging into your online account. This is one of the hottest and most demanded features by customers.

Spy Call: This tool lets you make a spy call on the targets phone, which is automatically accepted by the software without displaying any incoming call so that you can tune in to their surroundings, LIVE!

Call Log/Contacts: Complete detail of all calls made/received via the HTC smartphone, including time duration and date/time. Every existing contact, new or old can be viewed by this monitoring app

Text Messages/Chat/E-Mails: All text messages/chats/Gmail messages sent or received can be viewed by you even if they have been deleted by the target users

GPS Location: The location of the target phone is reported at a time interval you select, linked up to a map pointing out their location. It also displays the range of the nearest tower to the cell phone

Browsing History/Memos/Tasks: The Android spy uploads all the internet browsing history of the target phone, with the personal memos or tasks that have been created by the user on the smartphone onto your online account

Pictures/Videos/Voice Recordings: From pictures to voice recordings, all recorded information is uploaded to your account

Facebook, Skype, Viber & Whatsapp: Monitor each activity from Viber, Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp of the target Android phone - Listen in to Skype and Viber Calls

Live Control Panel (Optional): View the Android phone’s screen live and remotely control the cell phone

Remote Uninstall: Remotely uninstall the spy app from monitored device offered by Stealthgenie

100% Undetectable: This app is invisible and completely undetectable

Spanning from teen problems to employee pretense, the HTC one X spy software can cater to them all:

Monitor your Son/Daughter

Instead of snapping onto your child, it is recommendable that you inspect them first and be sure of their guilt so you know exactly how to confront them.The Android parental control software lets you in on every possible way of keeping a watch on your child and helps you gather ample information, including their location.

The next time your child says he/she is simply group studying at a friends’, you can equate their stance to the information the HTC one X tracking app provides you with.

Spy on your Spouse

If your spouses’ behavior is becoming suspicious, your confrontation will get them more conscious and less prone to making those mistakes that cause anxiety. The only way to make sure they have no excuses to blur the truth, the spouse spy app lets you in on sufficient proof to confidently approach them.

Giving you access to their daily text messages, call logs, and GPS locations the spy app helps you keep complete track of their whereabouts. You can easily find out where they are, who they are with and for how long.

Monitor your Employees

Hypocrisy and politics are a usual part of the office dilemmas. To counter such problems, you can easily place a tracker onto company’s provided smart phone and monitor their every move. If they decide to commit fraud, you will be the first to know.

Are they meeting up with an external party that you have not been held aware of? Using the spy call, you can eavesdrop on their conversation first hand.

All in all, the HTC spy app is not only compatible, but also versatile in its compliance. By using this app, your constant curiosity will be fed with complete satisfaction.

Let’s Get this HTC Smartphones Spy App

Vendor: Stealthgenie (Rated #1 spy app with over 1,00,000 satisfied customers)