Android Parental Control Software to Keep Tabs on Children

  • Are you worried about your kids excessive use of cellphones?
  • Where they go after school OR whom they talk to?
  • OR what they do on their mobile phones?

There are many predicaments subsequent to the use of cell phones and computers by teenagers. There are quite a few immoral uses of the cell phones, the camera being at the top of the list. As majority of the cell phones have a camera and a video feature, teens tend to take inappropriate and provocative pictures of themselves and share them with friends that thus end up being disseminated in many phones.

Parents can be pro-active and thwart this from happening usinparental control apps as these let them view every picture, video and recording made by the cell phone at any time. Even if these images have been deleted, they will be uploaded to the parent’s account online. So if they are doing it, you will be the first to know!

Parental control software is readily available in the market. Using this 21st century solution to keep track and control of your child’s android can relieve you of many hitches.

The Android spy software works on all android phones & tablets. The android parental control software can be easily installed in your child’s cell phone without him/her ever finding out.

It gives you complete access to their cell phones, by monitoring their every move by call recording, eavesdropping via microphone and tracking their GPS location, calls history, internet history, text messages, etc.

The cell phone is the easiest and most common way of harassment nowadays; a basis for bullies and stalkers to send offensive texts and/or vulgar images to your teen.

By using parental control software, you can eradicate this technologically heightened problem by keeping track of all sent/received texts via your child’s cell phone. You can also control your teen if he/she is ‘sexting’ over text messages.

As socializing and experiencing new things is an active and important part of a teenager’s life, some just may go astray. In order to verify where your child is; whether he/she really is just at a sleep over or not, you can locate them via the Android tracking app that comes with the parental control software.

Even if it’s a rave in the basement, the tracker will lead you straight to it!

Teens tend to text and listen to phone calls while driving. As a result, majority of the deaths of teenagers are caused by accidents. They cheat on tests and skim through explicit content, having dire consequences.

Get a hold of parental control software for android, so you can protect your child and be well aware of what he/she is really up to.

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